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What materials does Rustick Wall Co. apply to?

  • Almost any smooth surface will work. Some paints will not work as well as others. If you know what brand paint you have, look and see if it has silicone in it. If it does not, we recommend applying a coat of primer to give you the absolute best adhesion. 
Can this be used outdoors or in high moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms?
  • We do not recommend this product being used outdoors as the varying environments can severely impact the stability of the wood and glue. 
  • Rustick Wall Co is a great product to be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Some extra care should be taken into consideration depending on your ventilation and cabinet type. Contact for more information

How permanent is Rustick Wall Co. 

  • The adhesive used is very strong. This is not considered a temporary designing material. If you decide to remove it, you will have to pry it from your wall. If you want to use our product in a rental we recommend applying a thin layer of plywood to the wall, then applying Rustick Wall Co. to that. 

What if I have issues with adhesion?

  • As wood is a product of nature, it has a mind of its own. It will move and curl depending on the moisture present in your home. If the tape or board pulls away from the wall, it is most likely because your home has a moisture issue, or the wall was not correctly prepped. If you are seeing these issues, you can use small framing nails applied directly to the studs in your wall to bring the plank back to the wall. Contact if you need assistance. 

How thick is the product?

  • Since this product is hand selected for character and appearance it will vary in its thickness. Being a rustic grade product, it only adds character to your space and is highly sought after. It can be anywhere between 2mm and 5mm. 


  • Returns are accepted only with prior approval. We want to make sure you are getting the best out of your product. Contact us at within 30 days of your purchase to discuss. Depending on the reason for the return a restocking fee and/or return shipping might apply. 


  • There is no implied warranty on Rustick Wall Co. product, but we will always stand behind our product. Contact us at with any concerns or issues. 


  • Our economy shipping is always free within the continental United States of America. If you live elsewhere please contact us for shipping quote. 

Stockist Program

  • Of course we would love to work with you! Contact us at to discuss. 

How much should I order?

  • We provide a calculator on our pages. Just measure your space you want to apply to, and our system will output how many boxes you will need. Note that our product is sold in 24.5 square foot boxes, and it will be rounded up to the next closest full box.